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Where the heck am I? (fun in New Hampshire)

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I just spent 2 days outside of cell phone reception. That in and of itself was sadly a bit of an adventure for me.

Day 3

I picked up my sweet ride at the rental car agency and hit the open road, once again so happy I invested in that GPS receiver last year. On the radio they kept talking about a major storm headed east across Northern Vermont (crap crap crap) but I basically drove in front of the leading edge the whole trip so it didn’t catch up to me until I got to C’s apartment in Errol NH (pop. 300). When I got in C, who I haven’t seen in over 3 years, had just gotten back from the store to pick up a 12 pack of Labatt Blue (yes!) so we settled in for a night of beer drinking because it was starting to storm outside and we were in Errol NH where all the stores close at 7pm. I quickly learned that C loves Battlestar Galactica almost as much as I do and we watched that awesome boxing episode from Season 3. Rad.

Day 4

C had to go into work the next day (lame) but since it was raining like a mofo she left early (yay). C works for a logging company doing something that involves a lot of neon tape and hiking around the woods all year round. When it rains as much as it has this week, there’s really very little anyone in a logging town can do. Bonus for Juuulia. Plus it was C’s birthday so she deserved the damn day off. She took me to one of her sites so I could check it out. The isolation of living up there must be pretty tough. I’m pretty sure I’d react just like the Doctor in Northern Exposure. And over here you can see some trees

and holy crap is it beautiful up there. So much green.

hello, I\'m New Hampshire

After the tour, C and I had the following conversation:

C “So… do you want to shoot some beer bottles in the gravel pit?”

J “OMG yes!”

So we brought a rifle and a box of empty beer bottles to a gravel pit (“Addie’s Gravel Pit” to be exact) just over the border in Maine and I shot a gun for the second time in my life. I was a significantly better shot this time – I think I hit like 5 or 6 bottles.

this is my \'kill\' face enjoying this too much

Actually it reminded me a bit of the driving range. Except I think I’m better at shooting.

Oh the gravel pit had pretty flowers too:

gravel pit flower

C and I returned to her place after first stopping the Inn in Errol which her friends own and we were fed delicious fish chowder (chowdah!). We made yummy salmon and home fries for dinner and settled in for more BSG and also American Gigolo – not my first choice but it was what C had Netflixed. Not a bad movie but you do see Richard Gere’s wang. And with that image burned into my retinas, I passed out only after going apeshit to kill all the mosquitoes I could find.

Day 5

Well and now I’ve made it back to Burlington. Tomorrow I head down to NY for part 2 of this vacation: “Wedding Fun!”


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June 18, 2008 at 10:12 am

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