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I’m taking advantage of actually having an internet connection this morning to counter Jundt’s BMX movie clip with a clip from my own 80s childhood. I loved book Teen Witch as a kid and one late night (this is when basic cable shows terrible old movies) I discovered that at some point, someone had made it into a film which diverges greatly from the book. Basic movie plot: frumpy girl finds out she’s a witch, gets a Tiffany makeover (based on a poster in her room), forces the high school quarterback to fall in love with her, and makes her best friend “funky”. Some other stuff happens I think but I don’t remember them ever resolving the whole “my boyfriend only loves me because magic makes him” thing. Oh and that tiny lady who played the organ in the wedding in 16 Candles is her witch “mentor”. Teen Witch the movie also is an amazing 80s time capsule, from an era when that new-fangled “rap music” was just being introduced to suburban America.


Written by juuulia

July 10, 2008 at 7:32 am

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